Helpful Resources

We love giving away free stuff here at Tailgate for Life and we want to share with you some of the resources that we have found very valuable in our walk with Christ.
Listen to the Word of God every day as you journey through the entire Bible together throughout the year with thousands of others.
Listen to positive and encouraging Christian music on the radio or through your phone.
Many of the team members of Tailgate for Life call Life Assembly their home church.
Find out the man or woman that God desires you to be, and not how the world or even the church has portrayed it to you.
Many of the brothers from the Christian Motorcycle Association have come out to Tailgate for Life and served side by side with us. If you are a biker and looking for some cool guys to ride out life with check them out.
A few different people from the Bridge Fellowship have also served along side us at Tailgate for Life.